"I am really proud to stand with my sisters today in support not only of this critical legislation, but the kind of educational opportunity that Honor Diaries provides.”

Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

"Honor Diaries is a powerful and important film, one which every school in England should show to their students. It shines a much-needed spotlight on the horrendous practice of honour-based violence here in the UK and around the world, and should be a call to arms for everyone to do whatever they can to stamp it out and support victims."

Office of Sharon Hodgson MP Labour Member of Parliament, UK

"All high school seniors should see Honor Diaries."

Laureen Harper wife of Canada's 22nd Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"I am a victim of, a survivor of, female genital mutilation (FGM), and I was circumcised when I was a week old… When I watched Honor Diaries and saw what the women talked about, it gave me hope that I can stand up and talk about my experiences and shout about FGM... No one deserves to be killed because of honor.”

Jaha Dukureh

"It has such a powerful message that needs to reach every home, all over the world. All societies are guilty of some form of gender-based discrimination and deprivation of basic rights to women and girls. It is an issue not only for women activists to deal with but entire humanity."

Indian Diplomat

"I attended the Ottawa screening on March 24 where there was an audience of over 200 people including Mrs. Laureen Harper, wife of Canadian Prime Minister The Honorable Stephen Harper. The film left everyone breathless and inspired to do more…"

woman from Ottawa

"The film was very moving, and perhaps even more importantly, it was thought-provoking. You all should be commended for advancing a difficult and important discussion, especially when some tides of sentiment discourage open civic discourse"

man from Austin

"I loved the film and enjoyed watching it very much. In general, the film managed to articulate painful issues in a manner that makes the viewers listen. The main strength of the film is its portrayal of powerful women determined to make a difference. They come from different regions, where systematic discrimination against women is taking place, and their biographies and activism come across as very authentic. It was clear that these are women, who knew what they are talking about and are not afraid to stand up for an end to these violations. Another point of strength is that the film got the facts rights. It showed how both tradition and religion are playing a big role in this discrimination, but made sure to highlight that religion alone may not explain the whole picture."

Swiss-Yemeni Academic and Women's Rights Activist

"Having watched the film, which is harrowing in places, the basic premise is that in some cultures, a woman is not a person in her own regard. This issue is about very basic rights. We have done work in Afghanistan, and we can see the number of girls there who can now go to school. Malala Yousafzai has so strongly raised the right of young girls to go to school, and that has gone all over the world."

Loreli Burt MP

"Through eye witness accounts and the voices of nine courageous women activists from countries East and West, Honor Diaries offers a unique and clear=eyed look at the way a patriarchally-based cultural belief system, prioritizing a mysogenistic definition of the concept of “honor,” has been used to justify the violation of girls’ and women’s human rights of many kinds, demeaning one half of humanity, namely the female half."

Clare Rosenfield

"Girls' Globe recognizes that women and girls are powerful agents of their own change. We support the Honor Diaries movement because we believe women and girls have the right to be educated, empowered and live free from the threat of violence."

Girls Globe

"Honor Diaries is a powerful film that is helping raise crucial dialogue around the world about ‘honour’ based violence. The film is helping to break the silence by bringing new audiences to this crucial issue and is and is galvanizing support for organisations working with survivors, like us the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO)."

IKWRO – Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation

"I downloaded the film from iTunes and watched it last night! Amazing, well done and super informative. I thought I would be so sad, instead I was in awe of these ladies strength."


"It's incredibly powerful, distressing and vital to watch."

Jo Sharpen