Culture is No Excuse for Abuse

Forced Marriage: A Rap

Sent to us by Clare, a guest contributor    Forced marriage It’s a miscarriage of justice A must for us to protest To stop the pest The pestilence of forcing Coercing Immersing the unwilling Into fulfilling a parent’s will or Be killed It’s still a sin that’s commonplace In East and West it’s in your face Do you see it or do you flee it? Will you be its opponent and Own it?  it’s not fiction It’s an addiction Of a belief system A thief system Stealing human rights Of girls who set their sights On living life their own way Not victimized by daddy’s way Who says do as I say or die His mind has surely gone awry That’s got to go It needs a blow To naming honor As the stigma of dishonor What her father wants And so he flaunts His right to force With no remorse “Do what you oughtta” But she says “I gotta Get outa there Legally and instantly Give a shout not bear The pain of shame It’s not right To blame me Or shame me For wanting to live My very own life And not be the wife Of an unwanted guy Or face the knife Of my father Or brother Or uncle Or mother” Something’s really wrong And no rhyme or song Can right this wrong Without throngs of wise ones Women and men With the stroke of the pen Make illegal this force Until it’s taken its course And come to an end So all will befriend The suffering one To suffer no more She can breathe once more Feel safe once again Feel protected from men Who would hurt or force her Into a corner So thank God for Britain Which has clearly laws written To ban these marriages Which true justice miscarriages And instead to criminalize Such immoralities and lies All such acts which would end In the death of a friend So instead of cowtowing She can choose not to bow down And live her own life And halt all the strife Over honor/dishonor And be free Whoppee!