Nazie Eftekhari

Founder, Chair and CEO, HealthEZ, Inc.

Nazie is a board member of the Iranian-American Political Action Committee and founder of The Araz Group, the first preferred provider organization in the U.S.

Nazie is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has also attended the University of Southern California (UK) Graduate Program in International Relations and the University of Minnesota, MHA. She serves on Speaker Pelosi’s Cabinet Leadership Circle (DCCC), on the boards of the Nonviolent Initiative for Democracy (NID) and the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA), as well as the University of Minnesota Medical School and the Carlson Business School.

Often honored and recognized for her leadership in business, philanthropy, and service to the community, Nazie received the International Immigrant Achievement Award in 2011. In 1991 she established The Foundation for the Children of Iran, dedicated to indigent Iranian children receiving life-saving health care services in the United States that are not available in Iran.